Victor Ynzonides


The duality of a line without a beginning or an end, and the finite and closed space inside, a juxtaposition between what’s endless and what is not. The making is both calming and frustrating, because the motion is simple yet impossible to perfect, so to keep trying is a right and wrong satisfaction. Even flawed circles have strength, they show the human imperfection, the perfect idea executed in a non-perfect way, a personal way characterized by its maker and different in as many ways as possible.


It is a way of looking at systems on different levels, similar to how you can view atoms being part of molecules, molecules being part of cells, cells being part of organisms, organisms being part of ecosystems, ecosystems being part of planets, planets being part of solar systems, solar systems being part of galaxies and galaxies being part of the universe. It is a single abstract theory that can be applied to multiple levels and retain its value.